Special Offer on Paradox Fish Oil

Special Offer on Paradox Fish Oil

Fish oil is renowned for being one of the richest sources of Omega 3 with the health benefits increasingly well known as scientific studies continue to publish positive evaluations. The European Food Standards Agency recommends the consumption of 250mg of EPA and DHA a day to maintain general health and wellbeing, this relates to eating approximately two portions of oily fish each week such as anchovy, mackerel and sardines. Our bodies need fatty acids to function and for those who do not like to eat fish a fish oil supplement provides an excellent alternative, with an increasing number of people now buying supplements to serve as their main source of Omega 3. Supporting the health of families for over a decade Paradox produces quality at an affordable price enabling the ease of incorporating supplementary support into a daily routine. The expertly formulated range by Paradox provides natural source omega 3 fish oil, rich in fatty acids EPA and DHA in almost completely flavourless liquid and easy to swallow or chew fish gelatine capsules.


Paradox believe in keeping their products as natural as possible. The Omegas have not been unnaturally concentrated or chemically altered in any way. All the essential fatty acid molecules in their products remain as nature intended in the original triglyceride form. Paradox products contain pure Icelandic fish oil, fished from nutritious deep clear waters in designated sustainable fishing grounds. They only add polyphenol antioxidants from cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil derived from olives grown in rich soils of the Mediterranean and Organic Sicilian lemon oil from the finest lemon groves of Sicily for a natural fresh flavour. As recommended all Paradox liquid products are stored in smaller size bottles and all Paradox capsule products are blister packed for complete freshness. It is also equally important to know the fish you consume has been caught responsibly and is free from contaminants. All Paradox products contain high quality food grade fish oil sourced and supplied from sustainable fishing grounds of exceptional purity standards. Furthermore, for added reassurance, Paradox fish oils are independently evaluated by third party testing and accreditation organisations.


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