Probiotics for Immunity

Probiotics for Immunity

Carrying on with our winter immunity theme, we want to highlight Optibac’s For Daily Immunity probiotic, a high strength probiotic of 5 billion live cultures with added vitamin C. It is perfect for people with demanding and active lifestyles, those with poor immunity, such as the elderly and households with children, and for those who want to help boost their immune system during the winter season. 

So how does it work? 70% of the immune system lies in the gut; the intestinal microbiota have been shown to interact with and modulate the immune system. This probiotic has been researched in thousands of people in over 20 clinical trials. The probiotic strain L. paracasei CASEI 431 reduces duration and severity of colds and flu, improves immune responses to infection and may reduce the need for antibiotic use. 

Optibac customers have loved the results of this probiotic. One customer, Adrianne from Galway, said, “I got these Optibac probiotics as I had just gotten a cold. I swear they halved the time of the cold. I usually get a cold this time of year for at least a week, honestly usually longer due to working with the public. I did nothing els different only take these and it was gone in a feed short days. I am so happy with these and going to continue with them for the winter.” 

And what’s more, this product is suitable for the whole family, it’s vegan, dairy free, gluten free and suitable during pregnancy. It’s all round an excellent supplement at a great price. 

You can purchase Optibac for daily immunity in our store, or on our website at


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