Feeling stressed and depressed?...

Feeling stressed and depressed?...

Everybody gets down in the dumps sometimes, but persistent low mood and anxiety can be very debilitating and limit life enjoyment. Many factors can be at play, but sometimes the chemical 'soup' of neurotransmitters in our brains can use a little rebalancing. A trip to a GP might result in a prescription for antidepressant medication and these most definitely have their place, however some natural alternatives might be sufficient to put a smile back on the face.

For example, 5HTP is a supplement which comes from the amino acid L-Tryptophan, which helps to produce Serotonin in the body, an important neurotransmitter, which can have significant effects in the brain. Some formulations also contain B vitamins and zinc, which support energy production, reduce fatigue and contribute to healthy immunity, hair, skin and vision. It would appear that as serotonin levels rise in the body, levels of anxiety gradually reduce, sleep quality improves and mood can become a bit more positive too. Our customers report improvements often quite quickly but continue taking 5HTP for around 3 months.

Another option may be St Johns Wort which is a herbal remedy used for the treatment of depression, mild anxiety, Seasonal Affective Disorder and sleeping problems. It is also known for its anti inflammatory and healing properties.

Whilst we sometimes refer to St Johns Wort and 5HTP as natures 'mood lifters', we have another supplement which we call natures 'calmer downer'. Balance for Nerves is a special supplement for nervous system health, containing amino acids Taurine & Theanine, B vitamins and Magnesium. Taurine acts to calm down mental chatter & theanine also helps to promote feelings of calm. The herbs passionflower and lemon balm help to make this a really calming mix. Customers report really noticing a difference with these supplements and often quite quickly.

If symptoms persist it's crucial to contact your GP, and on another note of caution St Johns Wort and 5HTP cannot be taken alongside prescription antidepressant medication.

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