Be prepared this Winter

Be prepared this Winter

The cold is a common viral infection that affects most adults at least 2-4 times a year. It can be caused by over 200 different types of viruses and comes with a number of distinct symptoms. The cold is a contagious viral disease which infects the upper respiratory tract. More than 200 viruses are known to cause the common cold - this is why people can catch colds over and over again

It is said that the cold is also known as the common cold because it is such a common illness. Most people will catch two to four colds a year - and they are much more frequent during the winter months.


Cold viruses entering our body attach themselves to the soft, warm surfaces of the nose, throat and sinuses and hence, this is where symptoms of the cold normally start. The first symptom is often an irritation, itch or soreness in the throat. However, a range of other symptoms may be experienced, from a blocked nose to sweating.

Typically, symptoms of the common cold appear within one or two days after you have been infected by the virus and can last for up to a week. Generally this doesn’t lead to any further complications, but there is a range of medical conditions which may arise as a result of your cold.


There is no cure for the cold. However, a variety of remedies are available to ease symptoms and help you fight the infection: 


Vogel’s Nasal sprays can help to clear a blocked nose

  • Cough medicines or syrups may reduce any coughing fits. A range of these medicines are available from A Vogel to treat dry coughs, tickly coughs or chesty coughs
  • One of the most popular herbs used for colds is Echinacea. It helps the body fight the symptoms of the colds by strengthening the immune system, helping to maintain the body's resistance.
  • Research shows that the fresher the herb, the more effective the remedy will be, which is why Vogel’s Echinaforce cold and flu remedies are made using freshly harvested Echinacea. 


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